About us

The Company LIVNICA "POŽEGA" was established in 1948, the main programme of which was the production of grey iron castings.


In the early seventies, the main production programme was expanded with the new one, that is, with the production of brake shoe pads, made of grey iron, for the railroad transportation and other rail vehicles, which is still the main activity of the factory.

An average annual output of the factory is 10 000 tons of grey and nodular cast iron pieces.

The production programme of the factory includes:

• Grey iron castings for the rail wagon construction for passenger and cargo wagons, locomotives, railroad transportation, streetcars and other rail vehicles - brake shoe pads

• Products made of non-asbestos composite materials - brake pads and brake linings

• Castings for water and sewage systems

• Mechanical castings made of gray and ductile cast iron


In August 2012, a new production plant of Livnica was started, in cooperation with the German company "Bremskerl", and after their license, the production has been commenced of brake pads and brake linings, made of non-asbestos composite materials.


Trying to follow current trends in the field of braking requirements, Livnica "Požega" signed a technology transfer agreement with Bremskerl in order to expand its production programme.

The new factory manufactures versatility of brake pads, made of non-asbestos composite materials, in different sizes and in the quality "LL", "L" and "K", as well as brake linings in the dimensions 200/35, 200/24 and 175/35.

An average annual output of the new factory is 300 000 pieces of non-asbestos composite brake pads, and 100 000 pairs of brake linings.


The current production of Livnice "Požega" has a high technological level thanks to modern equipment it disposes of (modern preparation line and mechanical moulding line, induction furnaces, core manufacturing machine, sand blasting machines, grinding machines, etc.). A modern laboratory is fitted with a quck chemical analysis quantometer, microscope and other required equipment to allow the maintenance of a high quality of our products, and to satisfy requirements of our customers.


Our professional team is constantly working on developing new products and improving the quality of the existing programme. The evidence of the afore mentioned are the certificates issued by the authorized institutions, which we are the holder of.


Jedinstvo Livnica “Požega”, DOO, since January 2015, has been performing their business operations as the member of the Jedinstvo Group.